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First page

Difficulty setting buttons. Some description under each button.

The buttons just go to the same page with difficulty Get variable set.

Next page (actual game page) - Ajax driven

At the top, a track bar with the last "n" answers V stands for correct, X stands for wrong. This bar will not be linked to the account but to the session.


One word at the top (The word is picked by a special engine based on difficulty, engine considers at least frequency, length and previous answears).

4 options (maybe more depending on difficulty) these are all buttons.

The 4 buttons take up most of the page so that they are simpler to press.

One option corresponds to the word, the others are picked by a different engine.

  • For easy: Other descriptions are chosen randomly
  • For medium: Other descriptions are chosen at a 5 synonym/antonym/phonetic distance
  • For hard: Other descriptions are chosen at a 1-2 synonym/antonym/phonetic distance

When the button is pressed -> Ajax request changes color if correct or not. then starts a "new" game.

The word is marked in the database if it was guessed or not.

Keyboard can be used to select answers by using the numbers 1-4.

(Autor: Cristian Chilipirea)